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Worldbay is the creation of a fully furnished website. It represents a new innovative, creative and unique online Business Directory which has an all-in-one enterprise solution services. Its aim is to regroup all types of businesses (from Individual to Corporate Business) under one roof by giving them the facilities and ease their access of promoting their business and Services. Establish to give the Platform a new level and promote modern trends in marketing. With new ideas and guts, WBGS are giving a big boots to business houses offering new facilities. WBGS are establishing the trading universe to move above its limits and making in-loads in the Import and Export Business The whole World is moving in technologically. Worldbay has decided to contribute to the Business World, keeping clearly in mind all the aspects of an Innovative and good running Business. Worldbay propose two Types of Services: • The Online Services, • The Proximity Services Both Services will perform and provide the following activities; The Trading, The Marketing and The Advertising Services.

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