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Founded over 15 years ago, Soleiro Car Rental have been able to bring about a smile on over 8,000 faces. They are among the leaders of the island in providing car rental services to customers from all over the globe. With over 200 pick-up locations in an island of 2040 km/sq, Soleiro is committed to your satisfaction. Soleiro Car Rental was in need of a powerful e-commerce website whereby the website should consist of a real-time booking and reservation system. Everything should be automatic on the website, from checking the availability of the vehicle, to the checkout and payment, invoice and email delivery. Soleiro was in need of a unique and responsive website design, which reflects the company images while has a very easy user interface.

The website is powered also with a live chat, live search engines and many more. A blog for tips to travelers has also been built.

The management of Car hire Mauritius was also in need of a solid digital marketing plan along other services like SEO, which has all been provided by Web Creations. Searching for a car rental agency in Mauritius. Book your car right away at Soleiro.

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