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Founded in 1988, Numelec Limited is the proud official distributor of numerous reputable brands such as Schneider Electric and Sassin. They have a wide range of products to cater for both domestic and industrial electrical needs. They carry an extensive variety of electrical products and accessories, ranging from micro switches to relays, wall sockets to circuit breakers, power contactors, PVC trunkings, armoured power cables, and data cables. Home accessories such as table lamps, decorative lighting fixtures and external LED flood lamps can also be found a Numelec Limited. They are committed to excellence and guarantee that all their products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and adhere to the strictest international standards. With Numelec Limited, you can be sure that all your projects will be completed safely and professionally. When it comes to electrical products, safety, efficiency and aesthetics is all that matters. For more than a quarter of a century, Numelec Limited has been a proud provider of all three.

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Numelec Electrical Accessories

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