Fancy Food Palace

Opened in early 1950s by Mr. Aniff Nuzeebun, Fancy Palace was a traditional family 'lotel dithe' located in the very heart of the lively town of Phoenix. Over the years it stood firm with the variety of food served to the public.
In light of the modern era, it was high time to refurbish, innovate and rebrand this food outlet. Fancy Food Palace (FFP) has thus been designed to create a modern community atmosphere so as to serve its customers seeking delicious meals and tasty snacks. FFP was recently re-opened and has made its main priority to serve fresh, healthy and creative local delicacies at affordable prices.

Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Mass Mailing, Photography, Graphic Design, Flyers & Posters design & Printing & fly-posting was part of the services rendered to Fancy Food Palace.

Fancy Food Palace Website Design & Digital Marketing

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