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Founded in 1995 by Mrs Pidial, Fit-U Garment Ltd began its operation with a labor force of 20 machine operators with an overall output of 5,000 - 8,000 units per month. Having developed the required competence and know-how in this ever-changing sector, the Company embarks on the new journey of exporting. Though hard to adjust to this strategy, the Company managed to survive by developing its own range of knitted products including T-shirts, polo shirts, lady wear, baby wear and jackets. Over the late 1990s, Fit-U Garment started participating in a number of road shows across the world while conducting personalized meetings with overseas customers to develop a client base. Batch manufacturing and high value addition became the core competence of Fit-U which, even in the era of the present economic recession, enables the Company to thrive in the market. These strategic orientations coupled with quick response to market requirements have proved to be effective where Fit-U Garment received the SMIDO 1st Winner Export Award in 2004. The Company achieved MS ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010 and has evolved into a reliable high quality manufacturer for knitted and woven garments towards the export market. While manufacturing well-known brands, Fit-U Garment has built a good reputation for its quality garments, on-time delivery and distinctive service. Today it is the first Medium-size firm in Mauritius to be WRAP Accredited where it currently employs about 200 workers and exports more than 100,000 units monthly to countries like France, England, Spain, South Africa, USA and Reunion Island.

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