Web Maintenance

To be perfect is not enough. Get your website maintained with the pro.
A professional website can get new business, expand client base and generate revenue. In order to get results, the website needs to be adjusted according to the web industry demands. Itâ??s important that a website is developed according to the latest web development technology.
Thatâ??s where website maintenance comes in handy as it reduces costs and yet improves the siteâ??s functionality. Good website maintenance should facilitate better site traffic, higher search engine rankings and a better online reputation. Keeping a site up to date is a necessity in the competitive environment, and by having website maintenance you are making sure that a website is running smoothly to generate leads and expand their reach, 24/7!
Already about 150 websites are maintained by Web Experts every month. Our expertise, customer support and quality maintenance has led us to become the leading website maintenance agency.

Our Maintenance Plan Include the following:
i) Text additions, Content updates
ii) Creation of Forms
iii) Adding, deleting, changing links
iv) Adding, deleting, changing Meta and Title tags as needed
v) Recommendations for higher search engine rankings
vii) Verify all links
ix) Monthly Traffic Statistics Report
x) Adding and Managing of e-mail accounts

website maintenance plan

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